Tanners Glove Lacing Kit

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Tanners 1/4" Glove Lace B130

Do you love Rawlings Tanner Glove Lace, but just feel like you need something a little bit more sturdy? Rawlings has you covered. Keeping the same technique and feeling that their popular Tanner Glove Lace offers, this Tanner 1/4” Glove Lace is here to add a little bit more strength to your game! If you’re a catcher or first baseman whose number one job is to stick pitches or dig out dirty balls, upgrading to a thicker lace is not a bad idea! Made from the best of the best Genuine American Rawhide, just with a little bit wider base, Rawlings’ Tanner 1/4” Glove Lace is designed to stay as strong as possible, however fast or crazy the ball coming your way is.

  • Rawlings Tanner 1/4” Glove Lace
  • 1/4” W x 72” L
  • Genuine American Rawhide
  • Same Lace Used on Heart of the Hide and Pro Preferred Models
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