Sneaker Balls Basketball

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Basketball Sneaker Balls are air fresheners that will power through any icky odor living in your shoes. These compact shoe deodorisers look just like basketballs!

Sneaker Balls are the perfect solution for deodorising shoes, bags, lockers or any other small compartments where unpleasant smells may occur. Don't let their small size fool you - these strong air fresheners are tough on odours! Simply twist at the center to emit a refreshing scent that will last.

Sneaker Balls deodorisers are designed to take action in those tiny and undesirable places where average air fresheners will not fit. With the ability to tackle the inside of those smelly sneakers or dirty soccer bags, they are the only air freshener able to get exactly where the ugly stuff grows. Place them in shoes, gym bags, lockers or even your sock drawer. Sneaker Balls will freshen up even the worst of odours in time for your next activity.

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