STX Stallion 700 Marble Lacrosse Head

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STYLE: ST70 Dual injection production process using two different material colors to create a unique and permanent color combination. Due to the process, each head is slightly different. Highly crafted design with unique detailing such as leather ball stop, gold/silver badges, and in-mold features. Enhanced groundball play with STX's new, patent pending, Speed Scoop, which allows for quick and effortless scooping by minimizing scoop drag on turf and grass The Stallion's iconic two sidewall brace design provides optimal stability when shooting, checking, and on ground balls New Stallion 700 design is 25 percent stiffer and 5 percent lighter than previous Stallion models C-Channel technology distributes stress on the sidewall, providing extra strength and stability between the lines Meets NCAA and NFHS rules