Nike Shin pads Mercurial Lite

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Nike Shin pads Mercurial Lite White/Blanc

The Mercurial Lite shin-pads from Nike are among the most sold shin-pads around. This is not without good reason, because they are not only light, but very strong too, which means they provide maximum protection, while still being very comfortable and none-restrictive to wear.

The shin-pads themselves are made from the solid and still very comfortable K-resin material, which Nike feel is the magic ingredience in the recipe for one of the most popular shin-pads ever. They are anatomically formed for the left and right leg, so both fit absolutely perfect

To make sure they don’t move around your leg, they can be placed in the socks that go with them, thus keeping the pad right where you want it. Both socks and shin-pads have great breathability, so no more shin-pads being weighed down by moisture.

Quality at a very fair price – and with the design to match too. Order your Mercurial Lite shin-pads now, before your opponent does it first.