DeMarini 2018 VooDoo One Balanced BBCOR (-3) Bat

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STYLE:WTDXVOC The 2018 Voodoo One BBCOR bat is a popular choice among college hitters, with a stiff one-piece feel that many elite players enjoy.

Our insane dedication to performance has driven us to build our best lineup of Voodoo bats to date, with a 2018 lineup tailored toward every type of elite hitter. Our X14 Alloy™ construction helps precisely distribute the weight for different swing weights in the lineup, while the 3Fusion™ endcap in the Voodoo One helps optimize bat weight control and performance.

So choose innovation. Choose power. Choose speed. Whatever you choose, choose DeMarini.

* 1-piece X14 Alloy™ construction
* 3Fusion™ Endcap to optimize bat weight control and performance
* 1-year warranty
* BBCOR Approved